The Problem

We seek to solve the problem of disaggregated climate information in Kenya. Most climate-related information in Kenya is so much scattered across so many sources. This makes the process of finding information not only challenging but also time-consuming. In itself, this information sourcing challenge adds a layer of complexity to the much-needed climate action in the country and the region.

Our Solution

The Kenya Climate Directory offers a centralized and credible repository for climate information in Kenya. The platform has three distinctive features:

1. Optimized search directory: A comprehensive repository with 1,000+ documents and resources, with an optimized search function depending on user needs. Searchable by document type, publisher, author, theme/sector, or year.

2. Wide range of documents and information depth: Covers a wide range of climate-relevant sectors and themes from across diverse organisations, publishers and authors. It also includes county-level documents (across all 47 counties).

3. Credible data sourcing and curation: Collects data (from public and private sources) and curates it for a wide selection of users including the general public, researchers, government entities, climate organisations, private companies, NGOs, etc.

Impact Contribution

The goal is simply to make climate information more accessible. We seek to make our contribution to climate action through:

1. Making climate information more accessible: The repository is publicly available and makes it easier for people to focus on consuming/applying climate knowledge rather than looking for information sources.

2. Making it easier to have knowledge in a central hub: The repository makes information sourcing and information sharing more efficient. Easily accessible knowledge is a win for the climate action agenda.

3. Increasing transparency on available climate information: The repository matches climate information publishers/authors with the users. A central hub increases transparency on the existing pool of knowledge.

Our Partners